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Knowledge Market is a creative hub for sharing ideas. Since its inception in 2016, it has hosted inspirational mentors and facilitators and fostered many new creative projects and partnerships.

The next phase in the evolution of this innovation space is The Exchange at Knowledge Market, an exciting collaboration between Lendlease and RMIT University.

The Exchange at Knowledge Market will explore the concept of community and new ways of understanding the shared urban environment through a curated series of public workshops, exhibitions, forums and community events.

This year-long living lab is a space created by the community for the community, so have your say and join in the conversation on the hot topics facing cities, now and in the future.

The Exchange Space at Knowledge Market

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What's Planned

The project is being staged through four interdisciplinary themes that directly address the inhabitation and liveability of cities in the twenty first century. These are Zero Carbon Futures, Social Diversity, Digitally Enabled Infrastructures and Urban Memory and Imagination.

The Exchange functions as an open house from 10am to 5pm weekdays and with special events on evenings and weekends. The team encourages people to drop in, see what we’re working on and contribute to the ongoing conversation about urban living.

The Team

The Exchange is a unique interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together lead researchers from RMIT University's School of Architecture and Design and School of Media and Communication.

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What's On

The Exchange is hosting a curated series of public workshops, exhibitions, forums and community events throughout the year-long project.

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