A Smart City Approach for Melbourne

“A city isn’t smart because it uses technology. A city is smart because it uses technology to make its citizens’ lives better” - Smart Cities Council

The Exchange at Knowledge Market’s free public lecture series continues with Bonnie Shaw and Jordi McInerney from City of Melbourne’s Smart City Office.

 How can we adapt our city to its citizens while our citizens adapt to a rapidly changing city?

Hear how the City of Melbourne’s Smart City Approach connects people, place and technology for the benefit of all. Learn how the Smart City Office works to enable a data culture, foresee and understand disruptive change, use participative design and problem solving and facilitates knowledge sharing. Take a wander into the Melbourne Innovation District to understand how the City of Melbourne is partnering with RMIT and the University of Melbourne to deliver a world-class innovation district in City North. Then, learn how the Smart City Office is prototyping smart infrastructure projects to learn about how the city is used.







Bonnie Shaw, Strategy & Knowledge Manager, Smart City Office  (City of Melbourne)

Bonnie is an expert in innovation strategy, community engagement and co-creation. Working across Australia, UK and USA, she has produced global campaigns, revolutionary strategy, sustainable training programs, vibrant festivals, and effective community engagement that leverages the challenges of increasing collaboration, co-creation and participation.








Jordi McInerney, Strategy Officer, Smart City Office (City of Melbourne)

Jordi is a data and digital nerd with a deep love of pop culture, coffee and dogs. Jordi’s background is primarily in digital and comms, and she got her start doing social media and web content for Australia's largest youth-focused not-for-profit, the Foundation for Young Australians. She now works on the Melbourne Innovation District and smart infrastructure projects for the City of Melbourne.

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