City of Children

The City of Children is a collaborative project between The Exchange at Knowledge Market and Gowrie Victoria Docklands. Following a series of walking excursions and making sessions, the children of Gowrie Victoria Docklands have created work exploring themes such as waste, transport, waterways and the history of Melbourne. Photographs, drawings and sculpture come together in a large-scale art installation at Knowledge Market, uncovering children's valuable perspective of urban environments and the communities that exist within them.

The City of Children will also have a dedicated making space at Knowledge Market, open for all children to come along and create their own city-inspired artworks.

Gowrie Victoria is a not-for-profit Early Education and Care organisation, established in 1939, committed to its purpose: For those who teach and care for children, Gowrie Victoria champions good early childhood education and care. Because when children learn, we all grow. Gowrie Victoria Docklands' programs promote children as capable, competent, co-contributors and acknowledge them as active participants in their own learning. They do this by consulting and working in collaboration with children regarding a range of aspects affecting the program, organisation and the local and broader community. To do this effectively, children need to have a sense of belonging to, influence over, and understanding of the community in which they exist.

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About The Exchange

Open your mind to an exchange of ideas…

Knowledge Market is a creative hub for sharing ideas. Since its inception in 2016, it has hosted inspirational mentors and facilitators and fostered many new creative projects and partnerships.

The next phase in the evolution of this innovation space is The Exchange at Knowledge Market, an exciting collaboration between Lendlease and RMIT University.

The Exchange at Knowledge Market will explore the concept of community and new ways of understanding the shared urban environment through a curated series of public workshops, exhibitions, forums and community events.

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