Phase Change 2.0

The Exchange Exhibition Program

Exhibition opening:
October 25, 2017 
6:00pm - 8:00pm 
Exhibition dates: 
October 25 - November 3, 2017

The Phase Change 2.0 exhibition presents work developed as part of the interdisciplinary design research studio led by Dr Charles Anderson and  Dr Michaela Prescott within the RMIT Landscape Architecture Program in the School of Architecture and Design, RMIT University.

Rethinking food, waste, water, ecological  and social systems, the exhibited work explores propositions for the design of resilient high density urban environments in a zero carbon world.

The Phase Change 2.0 exhibition opening coincided with the official launch of The Exchange at Knowledge Market.

Phase Change 2.0 Design Research Studio

Phase Change 2.0 explores the future of Victoria Harbour, as well as the City of Melbourne more broadly, in relation to the changing nature of the environment and our changing understanding of it. Engaging directly with global warming and its impacts at a local and regional scale, and working across a range of design disciplines and related practices, Phase Change 2.0 seeks to envision scenarios for sustainable and resilient futures.

Phase Change 2.0 takes the form of a working design laboratory installed in the Knowledge Market space at Victoria Harbour, Docklands. Evolving throughout the course of the semester, the Phase Change 2.0 studio provides a place for discussion, debate, speculation and lively interaction between the public, students and a range of academics, practitioners, professionals and local stakeholders. In doing so Phase Change 2.0 aims to foster a dynamic, participatory knowledge exchange and generate a range of provocations regarding the design of our cities.

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About The Exchange

Open your mind to an exchange of ideas…

Knowledge Market is a creative hub for sharing ideas. Since its inception in 2016, it has hosted inspirational mentors and facilitators and fostered many new creative projects and partnerships.

The next phase in the evolution of this innovation space is The Exchange at Knowledge Market, an exciting collaboration between Lendlease and RMIT University.

The Exchange at Knowledge Market will explore the concept of community and new ways of understanding the shared urban environment through a curated series of public workshops, exhibitions, forums and community events.

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