Urban Systems

The Urban Systems exhibition featured work generated in the suite of design studios offered by the RMIT Master of Design Innovation and Technology program in semester two of 2017.

Ideas presented in the exhibition addressed the following issues:

  • food production and consumption in ethical, sustainable and empathetic ways;
  • the connection between personal digital data and its expression in the public sphere;
  • the role that sonic environments play in the urban context;
  • the design of flexible and reconfigurable structural systems;
  • adaptive algorithmic approaches to the generation of urban form;
  • future potentials of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


RMIT Master of Design Innovation and Technology

Advances in the digital age have already transformed design practice, but we are only at the beginning of a greater revolution in the integrated application of technology and its influence on the design of objects, spaces, buildings and cities.

As innovation in spatial design practice is positioned at the intersection of several disciplines, the RMIT Master of Design Innovation and Technology (MDIT) program addresses issues from a wide variety of professions such as engineering, computer science, architecture, interior design, industrial design, graphic design, animation, lighting, media and sound design.

Through the engagement of an international community of forward thinking professional designers and practice based academic researchers, the program speculates on the future of design and seeks to develop design methodologies that integrate the needs of people and the planet with the potentials that lie within technological innovation.


Image: Wave Pattern: Dyan Cai, Awnili Shabnam, Akshal Kumar. High Resolution Design studio: Tutors - Alisa Andrasek + Ryan Pennings

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