The 18-month program focused on four themes related to the future of cities. Over the course of the project, research themes developed and connected with one another, with findings from each informing new projects and activities.

  • Zero Carbon Futures

    Zero Carbon Futures investigated scenarios for sustainable and resilient futures within the urban environment.

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  • Social Diversity

    Social Diversity used the idea of ‘home’ as a way to explore how people make community in Victoria Harbour.

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  • Digital Infrastructures

    Digital Infrastructures targeted how best to integrate interactive technologies with public services to enhance residents’ lives.

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  • Urban Memory and Imagination

    Urban memory and imagination recognises that a city is comprised of the thoughts, memories, aspirations and concerns of the people that live in it.


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The Exchange is hosting a curated series of public workshops, exhibitions, forums and community events throughout the year-long project.

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